Technical parameters of UNICARP II


Technical parameters:  

–          Microprocessor-controlled digital technology
–          Volume control 0 + 6 levels
–          7 tone level control
–          Sensitivity control 7 levels
–          High visibility LEDs
–          LEDs with 20s memory
–          Standby LEDs, night lighting
–          Integrated output for swinger, snag with 20s of memory
–          „Delay“ function 30s for setting of indicators
–          „Incognito“ feature – Receiver only indication
–          „Lighthouse“ function for localization of the catch area during distributing bait
–          „Drop back“ function indicated by „V“ LED panel and sound
–          Black brass screw with locking nut
–          Waterproof and rubberized indicator body
–          Operating voltage: 9V (9V battery)
–          Operating frequency for wireless transmission: 433MHz

How to turn on / off the indicator’s
Switch on: press „ZICO“ button for 3 seconds, wait for two short beeps.
Turn off: press „ZICO“ button for 3 seconds, sounds one long tone.

How to set the desired basic functions
The three side buttons allow you to change the volume, tone and sensitivity. Press the «V» button for volume, «T» for tone and «S» sensitivity. It is possible to set 7 levels for each function, including the complete switch off of the indicator’s sound. The option value is indicated by the front LEDs on the panel LED „V“.
Drop back function
The alarm can identify when the line is unwinding or winding. Detects a drop by a reverse tone and by a LED direction indicator (flashes in the direction of travel) on the „V“ panel and on the receiver too.

Night lighting function
Switching the «ZICO» button activates the desired night lighting

Options and their order:
a) illuminated roller (night light) + „V“ panel
b) 20s memory positional LED only
c) 20s memory positional LEDs only + illuminated roller
d) „V“ LED panel only + position LED with 20s memory


Technical parameters:

– Microprocessor-controlled digital technology
– On / Off switch
– Volume control + a (8 levels)
– Vibration mode
– 6 different colours LED diodes (20-second bite memory)
– Operating voltage: 9V
– Operating frequency for wireless transmission: 433MHz
How to turn the receiver on and off
Insert the battery and press the side button ON for 3 seconds.
How to Adjust Volume and Vibration Mode
You can adjust the volume and vibration with side buttons (V – V +). The signal range is approximately 200m in a free space.

Coding (pairing the indicator to the receiver)
Indicators are already coded by the vendor when they are purchased. If it is necessary to pair another indicator, it is done in the following way: first clear the memory of the receiver by holding the V + or V- button on the side of the receiver for 6s. Press the ZICO button to turn on the indicator that you want to pair. At the receiver, we hold the V + and V- buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds and the V + button selects a position on the receiver. This completes the pairing; the selected position is automatically saved.

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