The new  pattern  UNICARP II, placed in a compact and almost unbreakable body, which offers many extra features for your fishing. This second generation of UNICARP indicators was designed by a Czech designer to meet the demands of modern fishermen. We focused on simple operations and a choice of individual functions as well as precise manufactory and modern curves of the indicator body.

main features:

  • compact and original design
  • second edition with intuitive control
  • remote distance over 200m
  • water resistant
  • simple pairing to next available indicators (max 6 units)
  • 9V battery in cost
  • double checking manufacture process
  • OEM sale available


The „Delay“ Function 

The „Delay“ function is selectable by holding the «V» key (3s) to confirm the activation of the function, a short tone will bleep. The feature allows you to set the indicator so that the attachment of the swinger and choosing its position does not disturb other fishermen by its sound. Switching to standby mode is done by holding the «V» key (3s) again, as a confirmation, you will hear two short tones.

                                   „Invisible“ Function

The „Invisible“ feature is based on the experience of using indicators in a location that is unfriendly to their use (e.g. next to the fisherman who does not want to be disturbed by the surrounding sounds). This option works only with the receiver. It switches on by holding the «T» button (3s) to confirm the activation of the function, a short tone will sound. Only the sensitivity of the „S“ indicator can be set with this option. If desired sensitivity must be selected, the «T» key (3s) must be pressed to be returned to the desired Incognito state.

„Lighthouse“ Function 

„Lighthouse“ function is used to locate the fishing area, for example, during bait distribution up to 100m. Switch on the «W» key to turn on a high brightness LED that emits pulsing light. Press the button again lightly to turn off the selection. If the function is turned on or off, a short tone sounds as a confirmation. Tip: If you are distributing bait at a greater distance, turn on other UNICARP II indicators in the same way. Turn off this option to save the battery when the bait distribution is finished.

Anti-Theft Alarm Function 

The UNICARP indicator uses an intelligent system to alert you when the rod is removed from the indicator. To activate the alarm, place the rod on the indicator, hold the «W» button for 3 seconds until you hear one short tone. Anti-theft alarm is now activated. De-active the alarm again by holding down the «W» button (3s) and three short tones will sound to confirm it.

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